Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Fun

This holiday season, Frank and I travelled to PA to spend New Year's with my parents.  This was nice because we not only haven't done it in a long time, but I was able to actually be there for my Dad's birthday this year (He is a New Year's day baby.).  My parents also had a VERY full house this time around.  Thankfully, Frank and I arrived a couple days before everyone else and were able to soak up some quiet, one on one time with my parents before the craziness started (And when I say craziness, I mean craziness! - all good, of course.)!=)  We spent much of that time playing the Wii (We actually held a Wii Bowling tournament with everyone involved.  Frank won, so watch out my Wii Bowling League cohorts!!  He's on a roll!!) and playing card games (I actually beat Frank at the Lake Norman game - shocker, I know!).  It was fun.  We also got to spend a little extra time with my older brother and the best part, of course - sleep in!!=)  Then one day during our trip it all changed. . .we no longer had quiet in the house.  It was replaced by. . . are you ready for this?. . . . 16 people (5 of which were children aged 5 and younger) and 3 dogs!!  What a house hold!!=)  It was a lot of fun, though,  to be all together again.  You have to understand that this rarely occurs anymore, so anytime we all can get together, it's worth it.  We again spent much of our time playing the Wii (my niece, Arlington, is GREAT at bowling!!!), playing cards, playing board games and eating up all of the yummy food my Mom had made (She goes all out for us.  My favorite holiday food of all time, though, is her mom's persimmon pudding!  Yummmmmmm!!!).  It was a wonderful time and it snowed while we were there!!  It started snowing on New Year's Eve Day and by New Year's we had a nice mound of white out in our yard.  It was great!!  
I posted a lot of pictures, so please be patient (I just couldn't decide which ones to leave out!)!  I hope you enjoy them!  
Happy New Year!!

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PletcherFamily said...

Great pictures Teen! It was so great seeing all of you guys again. I wish it wasn't over already.

I can't believe that you said persimmon. :)

We can't wait to see you at the lake!!