Sunday, June 28, 2009


I know it has taken me a while to post some pictures of the baby, but they are finally here!=)  I had an ultrasound appointment about 2 weeks ago where they measured the  baby and allowed us to hear the heartbeat.  I don't think it will ever get old to see our baby!  And I KNOW it will never get old to hear the heartbeat!=)  Everything looked good and we got good results from our Down Syndrome and Chromosomal Abnormality tests.  Oh and the day we went they just so happened to be demoing a new ultrasound machine.  So along with regular pictures, we also received a couple of 3D ultrasound pictures for free!=)  I have to admit that at first the 3D sonogram picture kinda scared me, but you kinda get used to it after awhile.  And it's amazing how clear the picture is!  Anyway, they ended up placing me around 13 weeks during that appointment which makes me hit the 15 week mark this coming Tuesday.  Can't believe I'm almost to the four month mark already!!  I go back on August 3rd for my anatomy ultrasound and we're really hoping that the baby will cooperate and we will discover the gender of the baby!  Keep your fingers crossed!=)  Other than that, we are doing well.  This weekend Frank worked very hard in getting the things out of the office and transforming it into our new guest room.  The old guest room (soon to be nursery) is a mess right now, but that's okay.  At some point it will get worked out.  =)  I hope you enjoy the pictures!!



Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Story

Okay, so about a month and a half ago my husband bought me my dream car, a Jetta, for my birthday (most of you already know this.).  On the day that we went to pick it up I had a blast driving it around town.  However, when we arrived home that evening I began to feel a little nauseous.  Immediately I thought, oh man, I finally got my dream car and the smell of it makes me sick!  I am an optimist, though, and decided that it was just because it was so new and that eventually the smell would go away and I'd feel better.  Well, a week and half into driving it, I was still getting sick to my stomach!  My husband was even sweet enough to switch cars with me for a little bit, but it still didn't seem to help!  I was starting to get a little frustrated about it.  But then the Swine flu was going around and so I obviously thought well maybe I had the flu or something (I do work in a preschool after all - it wouldn't be that much of a stretch.).  This continued for another week or so.  Then my dad had his surgery, so the thought of going to the doctor to figure out what was going on kinda got pushed out of mind.  But while we were in PA, I was still getting sick, so Frank finally said, "Why don't you go to the doctor?"  I, like a good wife, obeyed my husband and the day after we got back from PA went to my primary care doctor.  This is how the appointment went:
Doctor walks into the room.  "So, you've been feeling nauseous, huh?  Has it been primarily in the morning?"
Me: "No, it's really been all day long."
Doctor: "Well, you came up positive for pregnancy."
Me: "WHAT?!!" (as I turn red in the face.)
Doctor: "You're pregnant."
Me: "Could there be any way it's a false positive?" (Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't want to be pregnant - it's just that this was the last thought in my mind of what could be causing my nausea.)
Doctor: "Well, when the nurse did the test, it came up pretty fast."
The rest of the appointment was pretty normal, except that since Frank and I hadn't really planned this pregnancy, I couldn't tell exactly how far along I was.  The doctor did a pretty good estimate, though and determined I was about 8 weeks along.  So, to say the least, I was pretty surprised, shocked, excited, happy. . .pretty much every emotion you could think of!=)  After the appointment I went straight to the car to call Frank.  Unfortunately he didn't answer so I left him a message to call me back as soon as he could.  Frank calls and our conversation goes something like this:
Frank: "Hey, what's going on?"
Me: "Well, you know that thing that we thought was impossible?  Well, it's not.  I'm pregnant."
Frank: "That's impossible!"
Me: "Apparently not." =)
Frank: "I'm going to stop at the store and get another pregnancy test.  Just to make sure."
Me: "Okay."
I know, pretty funny, right?  So Frank did actually stop at the store and I did end up taking another pregnancy test (which showed I was pregnant in less than a minute!).=)  It was a very surreal day for us.=)
Obviously, by now you know the point of this story.  
And we really couldn't be happier about it!  I am now right around 12 weeks pregnant, but am going in for another ultrasound this coming Wednesday where they will actually measure the baby and tell us more accurately how far along I am.  We had our first ultrasound done last Thursday and were able to see our baby move around and got to see his/her little heart beating.  It was amazing!!  We feel very blessed by the Lord for this pregnancy and want to give Him the glory for it all!  This pregnancy is definitely from Him and we are thankful!!!  Thank you so much for sharing in our joy with us!  We covet your prayers for a safe and healthy baby/pregnancy!
*Short side note:  My wonderful assistant (who knew I was feeling sick) did ask me once or twice if I thought I could be pregnant, but I stubbornly said, "No.  There's no way."=)  She was much smarter than I was and I should've listened!=)  Sorry, Chris!=)