Sunday, June 28, 2009


I know it has taken me a while to post some pictures of the baby, but they are finally here!=)  I had an ultrasound appointment about 2 weeks ago where they measured the  baby and allowed us to hear the heartbeat.  I don't think it will ever get old to see our baby!  And I KNOW it will never get old to hear the heartbeat!=)  Everything looked good and we got good results from our Down Syndrome and Chromosomal Abnormality tests.  Oh and the day we went they just so happened to be demoing a new ultrasound machine.  So along with regular pictures, we also received a couple of 3D ultrasound pictures for free!=)  I have to admit that at first the 3D sonogram picture kinda scared me, but you kinda get used to it after awhile.  And it's amazing how clear the picture is!  Anyway, they ended up placing me around 13 weeks during that appointment which makes me hit the 15 week mark this coming Tuesday.  Can't believe I'm almost to the four month mark already!!  I go back on August 3rd for my anatomy ultrasound and we're really hoping that the baby will cooperate and we will discover the gender of the baby!  Keep your fingers crossed!=)  Other than that, we are doing well.  This weekend Frank worked very hard in getting the things out of the office and transforming it into our new guest room.  The old guest room (soon to be nursery) is a mess right now, but that's okay.  At some point it will get worked out.  =)  I hope you enjoy the pictures!!




Heather Hicks said...

These are awesome! It is still so amazing to me the way that God forms a baby out of almost nothing. I love how well you can see his/her profile. We're so happy for you guys!

Melody said...

awwwww!! :)

The Reinolds said...

YAY!!! He/she is cute already!! Congrats on skipping through the 1st trimester. You are almost half way finished!!!

Nick and April said...

Congratulations! :)