Saturday, August 23, 2008

New School Year/Tropical Storm Fay

Hi everyone!  I know it's been a while since I last posted and I apologize for the delay.  Since coming back from WA, I have been busy preparing for and starting my new school year!  It seems as though the last few weeks have just flown by!  But it has been good. 
The new school year officially started (for me) on August 6th.  This was my first day with my new class.  For those of you who don't know, I teach 4 year olds (they turn 5 throughout the year) in a private faith based school.  Our program is advanced (our prek program is equivalent to a kindergarten program) and it can be challenging.  Right now I have 14 children in my classroom and they have been going through the adjustment period very well.  I am looking forward to this new school year!  The kids definitely keep me on my toes! =)  Thankfully, this year I have a pretty even balance of boys to girls.  Although my boys this year are definitely all boy! =)  As I said, they have already been keeping me on my toes! =)  
Along with school comes hurricane season for us down here in FL.  Most years, Jacksonville does not really get hit with any hurricanes.  They usually end up veering away from us or losing their strength and we usually only end up with rain.  This year, however, brought us something a little different.  Tropical Storm Fay hit us last Wednesday evening and stuck around until yesterday.  My school was closed from last Wednesday until yesterday.  Thankfully, it was just a tropical storm!  We were hit with lots and lots of rain and some "mighty" winds, but that is all.  No major damage and we only lost our power for about 5 minutes at a time.  I talked with several of my parents (who live in a different county) and unfortunately, they had lost power for several hours.  So I am very thankful for our continued power!  It was nice to have the time off from work (who doesn't love days off?!), but I have to admit that I am actually looking forward to going back to school on Monday!  I guess a 5 day weekend can cause cabin fever!=)  
Frank actually had 2 days off from work this week as well due to Fay.  It was nice to have him home those two days!  We spent much of our time watching Season 1 of One Tree Hill. =)  Good times.=)  
Other than that, things are moving along.  Frank remains busy at work and church.  We both have recently started to work with the youth at church.  It is quite a blessing!  We have a wonderful group of youth at church and they are a joy to be around!  We feel very blessed to be able to work with them!  Our church also just held Mercy Days.  This is an outreach program to the community that our church began last year.  It occurs right before public school goes back.  Our church gives out backpacks filled with school supplies as well as food and clothing.  Talk about an extra blessing!!  We were very privileged to be a part of that!  It makes us very thankful for everything that the Lord has given us!  God is good.  More than we know. . . .


Frank and I are very excited about where the Lord is taking us in our marriage and we wanted to share a part of what He's doing with/in us!  
Frank and I have been in the midst of an adoption process for almost a year now.  This past July we learned that we are officially on the waiting list!  We are very excited about this blessing!  Please join with us in thanksgiving to the Lord for this wonderful opportunity and blessing!  Please also pray with us that the waiting time will go quickly and will be short!  We ask for the Lord's timing, but are very anxious to welcome home the child He sees fit to give us!  Thank you!!!
P.S.  We are adopting from Taiwan.  Just in case you were curious.=)