Saturday, August 23, 2008


Frank and I are very excited about where the Lord is taking us in our marriage and we wanted to share a part of what He's doing with/in us!  
Frank and I have been in the midst of an adoption process for almost a year now.  This past July we learned that we are officially on the waiting list!  We are very excited about this blessing!  Please join with us in thanksgiving to the Lord for this wonderful opportunity and blessing!  Please also pray with us that the waiting time will go quickly and will be short!  We ask for the Lord's timing, but are very anxious to welcome home the child He sees fit to give us!  Thank you!!!
P.S.  We are adopting from Taiwan.  Just in case you were curious.=)


morganjowen said...

Aww I am so excited that you are finally through to the waiting list!!! I will be praying for you!

In His Image Photos said...

How AWESOME!! We are very excited for you guys!!! We will be praying!

Megan said...

That is so exciting!! I'll be praying for you guys!