Friday, August 10, 2012

How Time Flies

I cannot believe how much time has passed since my last blog!!  My, oh my, how busy life can get!! :)  This will be a brief post just to catch you up on what's been going on in our lives for the last 8 months. :)

Jet is now 10 months old, has 1 1/2 teeth (the 2nd one is taking awhile to come in), is pulling up on everything, cruising around the couches and with his walker and eating up a storm. :)  He is still a pretty happy baby and can melt your heart with his smile. :)  It has been so much fun watching him grow! :)

Reese is 2 1/2 years old and boy, is her personality showing!! :)  She loves to talk (about anything), build "castles" (out of legos), dance and sing. :) She has such a fun, outgoing personality and really likes to do just about anything.   Reese seems to enjoy playing with her brother, too - she is constantly saying, "Come on, Jet.  Come play with me." :)  I keep waiting for the day, though, when her brother isn't so compliant with the way she plays (I.e, taking toys from him). :)  For now, though - I'll take the peace. :)

Frank and I are doing fine.  Most of you know by now that we are expecting our 3rd child in January. Those closest to us also know that this was a complete shock and surprise!  Frank and I had agreed that after Jet, we would be finished with our family.  My pregnancy with Jet was a little harder than expected (for example, being hospitalized to stop preterm labor and being on bed rest for 5 weeks) and my body doesn't seem to handle pregnancy that well, so we decided to stop after Jet (We were so thankful for having Jet and Reese.  There was a time when we honestly weren't sure we would have any children of our own.).  Apparently, though, the Lord had a different plan. :)  At first we were a little shell shocked and didn't quite know how to handle it, but after a couple of days we were able to see this pregnancy as a blessing just like the others.  I know this pregnancy may not be the most enjoyable for me (praying that preterm labor does not happen again), but God is so good.  We are so undeserving of the children He's given us and then He gives us one more.  When I stop to think about things and the way our life as gone (not as we planned or expected), I can't do anything, but thank the Lord for His hand in our lives and our marriage.  I get truly overwhelmed by His goodness and grace (when I truly don't deserve it).  And so, Lord willing, our family will truly be complete come January when our baby girl is born. :)

That's the update for now!  My mom is flying down this coming Wednesday to travel back to PA with me and the kids (Yes, we are driving.  Yes, I realize this may be a little crazy.).  We will be visiting up there for about 2 weeks.  I am really looking forward to the visit and getting to spend some one on one time with my family! :)  I am also excited for Reese and Jet to get to spend this time with my family as well! :)  Plus, we get to attend my niece's annual 5k walk/run, 10k run this year (If you don't know my niece's story or the work my brother and sister-in-law are doing on her behalf, you've got to check out their website - )!!  It's being held in Connellsville, PA on August 25th - so if you're in the area and want to have some fun that day, come join us!!  They'll be face painting, balloon animals, a BBQ lunch and basket raffles!!  Just go to for more info! :)

Hopefully, I'll be updating again once we get back! :)  Lots and lots of pictures to look forward to . . . :)

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Thank you for sharing and have a great walk!

Love, Marcia