Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catching up . . . kind of

I know it's been a while since I've posted - things have been a little busy lately. :) Since I last posted, Jet has turned 2 months old, Reese is 23 months old (Where have these last 2 years with her gone?!) and we're still losing sleep. :) So this post is going to be a little bit of a catch up post.

We've had some really nice weather this past month (stinkin' southern winter) so we were able to get out and do some things during the months of October and November. Jet, Reese and I went to the zoo (Jet was super thrilled about his first trip to the zoo!) with my sister, two of her boys and my aunt (who was in town visiting). Reese even fed the giraffes - until she saw the long tongue of the giraffe and then promptly refused to feed them any more. :) She did, however, have no problems mingling with the goats. :) It was a fun day.

We also ventured out to the Callahan Fair over this same weekend in October. This is the next town over from where we live and they have a fair every year. It's a nice small town fair with the typical fair rides and games. We like going to help support our local community. Nearby farmers will bring in animals for the kids to look at and pet, plus there's usually some local produce around as well. This year they even had a rodeo. It's fun to go and see people we know - the local high school band always has a funnel cake booth and we NEVER have a problem supporting them (Several of the band members are in my Sunday School class at church - I teach middle school/high school girls). :)

Jet also turned one month old during the month of October - his first month truly flew by! We traveled to Frank's parents' house to celebrate this day with them! He even had a cake and we all sang happy birthday to him (This is tradition in the Chinese culture - you celebrate one month and then the 100th day of the child's life. We were able to do this with Reese as well - it is so nice to be able to share this part of their grandparents' heritage/culture with our children!). No, he didn't get to eat any cake, but he still had fun! :)

The last thing we did in October was visit a corn maize about a half hour away from us. This is a pretty popular local place and was the first time we visited (Thank you, Groupon!). The day we chose to go was the day in which the kids could dress up in costume. It was also a themed Wizard of Oz day, so as the kids walked through the corn maize they would come across characters from the Wizard of Oz and the characters would give them candy (we went October 29th). It was a lot of fun! Reese dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Jet was a pumpkin - thanks to a cute hat that my mom bought him and a precious outfit my Aunt Joan sent! :) The kids got some candy, walked around a maize, played in a playground, looked at some animals and danced to music up on a stage. :) Oh, yeah, they also played in a haystack - I can't believe I forgot about that - it was their favorite part!! :)

November was slightly less busy for us. We started the month off by participating in two walks. The first walk was for the Leukemia and Lymphona Society. Frank and Reese walked in this one in support of one of his co-workers. Reese enjoyed "talking" with his friends. :) The 2nd walk we all took part in was the Buddy Walk. This is the Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville's yearly walk to support the research for Down Syndrome. We walked this year in honor and support of our close friend's baby boy who has Down Syndrome. Our team was called Abram's Army and there were a lot of us! :) It took place on the beach and unfortunately was one of the cooler days of the month! Frank and I tried to make the whole walk, but it proved very difficult with strollers. :) We were happy to have come out, though, and support our friends.:)

I was able to visit with some friends this month by hosting a 31 Party. It was nice to have some adult interaction and fellowship! :) I was also able to get down to my old work place and introduce Jet to my ex co-workers. :) Of course, Reese loved being there and walked into the classrooms as though she owned the place. :) She is such the social butterfly! :) And we visited a local duck pond where Reese had a great time feeding the ducks (she was sad when they swam away)!:)

It was great to end this month with Thanksgiving and Jet turning 2 months old. We spent Thanksgiving with Frank's family and truly enjoyed the day! There was lots of yummy food and of course, football! :) We have so much to be thankful for this year (as we do every day of the year!)! It still amazes me every day how two little lives were added to our family! What a gift!! :)
Now if we could just get Jet to understand how thankful we would be if he slept through the night . . . ;)

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