Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

It seems amazing that we are celebrating Easter at the end of April this year - even more amazing is the fact that it's the end of April already!! Where is this year going?! :)
This past weekend was a lot of fun! We were blessed to have Frank join us on Friday (he rarely gets a day off on holidays) and went to the beach with my sister and her family. It was Reese's first time at the beach and she had a blast! :) She kept running further into the water - scared me, but she was loving it! Even when she got knocked over by the water, she just took it in stride, got back up and kept playing! :) It was a lot of fun!! :)
Saturday was our church's Easter egg hunt. Reese was so little last year that we didn't even take her. This year, she seemed to enjoy finding the eggs - or at least holding on to them. :) We enjoyed watching her just run around and have fun. :) Her cousins were there, too, and she always seems to have a good time with them! :)
After the egg hunt (and nap time), we went over to my sister's house to hang out and dye some eggs. Thanks to Aunt Carrie, Reese didn't eat much dinner, but she did get some good candy and a nice, big cupcake! :) It was fun to watch the older kids dye their eggs. Marcail wanted to put sparkles on all of them. :) Reese did end up eating one of the eggs that were cracked . . . :)

Sunday was another busy, fun day! We got up, dressed and went to church to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. I love Easter, but it always reminds me that we should be celebrating His resurrection every day! Anyway, it was a great service and the nursery always does something cute with the kids. So we ended up with chicks made out of Reese's feet on a piece of paper. :) It was cute. :) Then after church we headed straight over to my sister's again for a nice Easter lunch and another egg hunt. The kids had a blast looking all over her backyard for the eggs! Reese got a little distracted by the slide, but after we redirected her to the eggs, she got the hang of it! :) After the egg hunt and lunch we all just hung around and visited for the rest of the afternoon. It was a wonderful day of remembering what Christ has done for us and spending time with the family!!

Yesterday I had my anatomy ultrasound. It went really well and the baby is doing great! We are always so thankful for the good reports on the baby! We also found out that we're having a boy, so now the hunt for the perfect name will start! :) This one will probably take us a lot longer then choosing Reese's name did! :) Below is a slideshow of the ultrasound pics - there are 7 of them and the very last one is the shot proving it's a boy. So if you don't want to see it, quit watching after you see his profile shot. :) Enjoy!! :)


PletcherFamily said...

We are so excited about our new nephew coming along!!! Can't wait to meet him.

And Reese looks cute as always. :) Miss you.

Cristy said...

what fun you have! :) I am so glad you and Carrie have each other to be with! That is special! :) Reese is so adorable!! Cant wait to see you sweet boy, too! Congrats, again!! :)