Monday, April 27, 2009

Moment by Moment

This past weekend one of Frank's oldest and closest friends flew into town along with his wife. They are getting ready to make a move (Yea for them!!) and were coming into town, last minute, to visit their family before they moved. We lucked out and were able to pick them up from the airport and have them stay the night at our house with us. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, interesting conversation and fun. We ended up playing some Wii Friday night and Saturday morning. And I don't know about them, but for me, I was sore the next day (You can tell that I hadn't played in a while!)!!=) It was very nice to have them visit with us and we were sad to drop them off at their family's house Saturday afternoon. We are very thankful, though, for the time we were given with them!!

Frank and I also spent this weekend with Carrie and Jonathan's children again. We were able to watch the kids so that Jonathan could take Carrie out for her birthday. As always, we had a great time with the kids! After Gabe got up from his nap, we walked down to the little playground in their subdivision. Marcail was a trooper and pulled Gabe in the wagon the whole way down the street!! She did great!=) Once we got to the playground both kids were able to swing a little bit, then Gabe just kinda walked around while Marcail did some more swinging and then poor Uncle Frankie had to go down the hot slide twice for both kids!!=) Isn't he a great uncle?=) After playground time we walked back to the house (with Uncle Frankie pulling the wagon this time and taking the kids through the sprinklers.) and had a great time playing inside until Carrie and Jonathan got back. It was a nice time with both Marcail and Gabe. They are just growing up too fast!!=)

Below are a few pictures from the weekend! I hope you enjoy them!!

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