Sunday, April 19, 2009

23 Hours with Marcail

1:00 p.m.: Pick up time.  We arrive at Carrie and Jonathan's front door, knock and hear from the inside a loud voice saying, "It's Aunt Teen and Uncle Frankie!  Let's go crazy, let's go crazy!"  We open the door and see Marcail, dressed in her Ariel bathing suit, turn around, spin and continue with the "Let's go crazy, let's go crazy!".  
1:20 p.m.: Leave for the River City.  Stopped at PetSmart to do a little shopping - Marcail and I looked at the birds, guinea pigs, cats and dogs while Uncle Frankie picked up some fake plants for our turtles.  Marcail really enjoyed seeing "Flower", the puppy that was there in hopes of being adopted.  She also said that she wanted a bird, but we tried to tell her that getting her a fish had been pushing it and that we didn't think Mommy and Daddy would appreciate a bird, too.=)  (You're welcome, Carrie and Jonathan) We then headed over to Old Navy for just a moment so that I could exchange a couple of shirts.  Marcail mentioned that she remembered going to "This Place" with Aunt Betty the other weekend.=)
3:00 p.m.:  Arrive at Fernandina Beach.  Walked down to the beach, picked a nice spot to sit and proceeded to watch Marcail dig in the sand and dump it in the bucket.  Then she decided that she wanted to go down into the water (She kept telling us that she was going swimming, but we kept trying to tell her that it would be a little too hard to do that in the ocean.  We told her that sticking her feet in would be just fine.).  Uncle Frankie, myself and Marcail all walked to the edge of the water. . .where Marcail refused to go any further.  It took a little encouraging to get her to come near enough to actually allow the water to flow over her feet.  And when it did. . .well, let's just say that the water is NOT Marcail's favorite thing about the beach.=)  After this encounter with the water (which was cold, to be fair) Marcail would only go back down if Uncle Frankie held her.  HE was allowed to go as far in as he liked (all while holding her), but she was not going to dip her feet in again.=)  After a couple trips down to the water, Marcail went to work on building a sandcastle (which did not turn out, sad to say).  Uncle Frankie helped by getting water from the ocean and together we all attempted to make a small sandcastle (still didn't work.).  We also dug up some nice seashells, which Marcail got to keep.  She did ask if there were crabs in them.  I told her that these shells wouldn't fit the crabs, so it was okay that we took them.=)  A little more time spent digging in the sand, one last trip down to the ocean (in Uncle Frankie's arms) and then we decided to clean up and head over to the nice little playground near the beach.   We spent a few minutes playing on the playground and then decided to head off for pizza.
4:30 p.m.:  The Pizza Place (aka OPS).  There is a neat little pizza place that just opened up in Fernandina called OPS.  This is where we stopped for pizza (It's very good! And I love supporting local businesses).  While we waited for our pizza to come Marcail and I played together with her Princess Sticker book.  We had so much fun dressing up the different princesses (but she is always quick to tell you that Sleeping Beauty is her favorite)!=)  Then the pizza arrived and we ate it all up (okay, not all of it, but at least most of it.)!=)  We also got an order of zeppoli's (thanks to a GREAT coupon in the Mint Magazine - gotta love that!) and as Marcail was in the middle of her first one (if you don't know what zeppolis are, you definitely need to try them.  They are fried pieces of dough covered in powdered sugar.  Yummy!!), she looked at me and said, "I am going to eat another one." =)  Now normally I would indulge her, but we were also going to stop for ice cream, so I kindly refused her a second one.=)  
5:30 p.m.: Chick-Fil-A Ice Cream.  Need I say more?  Yummy!!=)
6:00 p.m.:  Home.  Marcail took a bath (due to the sand that was in her hair) then we painted her toe nails (pink, of course) and she settled in to watch The Little Mermaid.  Now if you've never heard Marcail sing, you need to.  She is just the cutest when she sings!  And one of her favorite things to sing is when Ariel goes, 'Ah ah ah. . ' - you know, when she gives up her voice to Ursula.  Well, this is what she did during the movie.  And then she joined in singing Part of This World with Ariel.  It is just too cute!  
7:30 p.m.:  Skyped with Mom and Dad (aka Grandma and Pappy).  We spent a half hour talking with Grandma and Pappy, sharing our exciting day with them.  Marcail did have somewhat of a hard time focusing on the conversation, though, due to the fact that The Little Mermaid was on in the background.=)  They still enjoyed hearing about her day, though.=)
8:00 p.m.: Bedtime.  We prayed, read a story, tucked her in and off to sleep she went.  It had been a busy day!=)

This morning she went to Sunday School/Church with us and then we took her back home.  It is always so much fun to spend time with Marcail!  We are very thankful to be close by to Marcail and Gabe and are looking forward to the time when Gabe can start spending the night with us as well!  These 2 are very special to us and we are very glad to have them nearby!=)  Below are just a few pictures of our time with Marcail!  Enjoy!!

*Oh, we did discover that Marcail thought alligators lived in the ocean.  Could this be why the ocean scared her?  Who knows!  It did give us a great opportunity to talk with her about how God is always with her and takes care of her no matter what, though.  Neat moments!!


Cristy said...

aw, how fun! :) I wish I could send Tory off with you two for an afternoon and sleepover . . . so cool! :)
Love you!

PletcherFamily said...

You look like you had an awesome time! You are going to be a great mommy! And I am sure Carrie and Johnathan will be happy to take your little bundle of joy on great outings too! :)

Carrie said...

Yes, thank you for not buying her a bird. We definitely do NOT need anymore animals in our house. Glad that you all had fun - you know she loves you all. Even told me yesterday before bed that she missed you two. You're taking her again next weekend, too, right? :)

Nick and April said...

The photos of your weekend are cute! The Hicks are blessed to have someone that is sharing God with their kids during those teachable moments, like being scared of the water. :)