Saturday, November 15, 2008


Yes, you read that right.  Turtles.  Frank and I have new members in our house.  They are the best pets ever, though.  They don't bark, they don't chew up furniture, they don't scratch, they don't shed . . need I go on?=)  All they require is some water some food and a  place to lay out on.  It has taken us a little while to get them settled in their new home, but we think we've finally got it down.=)  Here are just a couple of pictures of our turtles.  Oh, their names are Mal and Wash (If you don't know where the names come from, go out and rent the series Firefly or the movie Serenity - you won't be disappointed!!).  Enjoy the pictures!!=)



Elaine said...

We have a painted turtle named Mr. Pickles. :) He is hyper!! He also loves to be in the sun. Have fun!

The Rs said...

So, will we get to meet the newest members of the family on Friday?? :)