Sunday, November 9, 2008


This past Saturday Frank and I were able to attend a Steven Curtis Chapman/Michael W. Smith concert down in St. Augustine.  Since the concert was in St. Augustine, Frank and I were able to stop by his parents house before the concert and spend some time with them.  It was nice getting to spend some time with them and to just visit.  They are really great in-laws!=)  Anyway, after some visiting Frank and I took off for the Amphitheater in St. Augustine.  We were very glad that we left something early, as parking was quite a mess!  We were directed into the Amphitheater only to be redirected back out onto the main road (it would have been more productive to have stopped the flow of traffic into the Amphitheater as soon as they knew there was no more parking.  Just a thought, though.)!  It didn't take us too long to find another parking spot, though. It was a pretty nice night, too, so we had a nice walk to the Amphitheater.=)  The concert itself was very, very good.  I have been a long time fan of Steven Curtis Chapman [Short side note:  In 2004 we had purchased tickets to see Steven Curtis Chapman in Lakeland, FL.  Well, the week of the concert I got very, very sick - head cold - and we ended up not being able to go.  After that we agreed that if we ever had the opportunity to see him again that we would go not matter how sick either one of us were!=) ] and his All About Love CD was the first gift Frank ever gave to me.=)  He has always written his own music and almost all of it is based on Scripture.  There are many Christian artists that I enjoy, but he has always seemed the most real to me.  And seeing him in person only helped to strengthen that belief.=)  The concert's main focus was on worshiping the Lord and glorifying Him.  Michael W. Smith was good, too.  He led a lot of the praise and worship music during the second half of the concert.  It was neat to hear the two of these artists together and to see that they had each brought along one of their sons to play in the band.  Steven Curtis Chapman did end up sharing about the loss of his daughter earlier this year and it was moving to hear how his family was coping through it all.  He was very real and said that through all of it he has come to see how real God is and how everything is truly His.  He went on to explain that through this situation his realization that God is truly good has only been strengthened.  It was nice to hear, though, that he is still human and that there are many days in which he struggles with the loss.  Great concert, wonderful testimony and fantastic worship of a holy God!!
"You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things, And by Your will they exist and were created." Rev. 4:11

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