Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay, I read a couple other blogs and finally figured out what I'm supposed to do (or at least I think I know what I'm supposed to do!). My sister-in-law tagged me and now I am supposed to write 7 interesting things about myself that others may not know. I am with my sister and think that this will be tough. But here we go. .
1. I hate, and I mean HATE, being called Teenie Beanie. The only people ever allowed to do such a horrid thing has been my family. And they are on thin ice now if they ever do it!=)
2. I, too, have always wanted a horse. I imagined my horse being white (all white) and beautiful! I planned for my horse to live on my grandparents land and for me to come over and ride it whenever I wanted (without cleaning or grooming it, of course!).=)
3. I love everything Chinese. Most of you who know me already know this, but for those of you who don't - surprise! No, I'm not a communist (so, okay, I don't love EVERYTHING Chinese.. sheesh, I have to be so specific!), but I do love the Chinese culture, the Chinese people, the Chinese language . . . I could go on and on. My husband always jokes with me that I'm more Chinese than he is.=) (Totally not true, though.)
4. I do not enjoy living in FL. I actually think that's an understatement. . .definitely an understatement. I envy those that have gotten out of this state (i.e., Jen). I am just serving my time and waiting for the Lord to rescue me from this prison!=)
5. I have obessive/compulsive tendencies. Ask my husband what happens after I vaccum a carpet and he walks on it. Go ahead, I dare you. . .=)
6. To me, NFL football is the only resonable sport out there to watch.=) I always get so sad when February comes around, the Super Bowl is over and I have to wait until the fall again for some good Sunday afternoon entertainment!! And of course, Pittsburgh is the only great team out there to root for!!=)
7. I love Ryan Reynolds. Yes, I've said it. I love Ryan Reynolds (Don't worry, Frank knows all about it.)! He may not have the cleanest mouth in the world or pick the best movies to star in, but man, is he cute!=)
Alright, well, I have managed to write 7 not so interesting facts about myself. I hope you all enjoyed a trip down Kris's lane. =) Now I know that we're supposed to write down 5 (5, right?) people to continue the tag, but I'm tagging everyone on my blog list. So if I have your blog on my site, then considered yourself tagged!=) I love you all!


Carrie said...

I already did it and am NOT doing it again. Ha. Brett Favre is hotter than Ryan Reynolds.

The Kovalls said...

I'm with you, Teen!