Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Trip to PA (the second week)

Okay, so here we go with a recap of our 2nd week in PA! :)  There are lots of pictures again, so be prepared! :)

Sunday:  This day was spent visiting with my cousins from IN (Doug and Patty) and my friend, Nicole (who was gracious enough to come in this weekend to visit).  We were able to relax in the morning and then in the afternoon there were a couple good games of Bocce Ball. :)  It was a nice day just spent with family. :)

Monday:  Mom, Frank, the kids and I went shopping on this day.  We had a nice lunch at Red Robin (yum!) and then hit Target, Michaels, the mall and Toys R Us.  The big purchase of the day was getting a tricycle for Reese - her first! :)  As soon as we got back to my parents' house, she wanted to try it out! I was so proud of her!!  She did really well (and, of course, she wanted to ride it every day!)! :)

Tuesday:  We truly had a down day on this day.  We spent time outside playing and just messing around.  That afternoon we went over and visited with my grandmother (who is 95 and doing well) and my aunt.  Then we went up to a local ice cream place and got ice cream.  Not bad for a day. :)

Wednesday:  There's a cute little store in a town about 30 minutes from us (Rockwood, PA) that sells lots of different things.  It also has a cafe, a pizza place and best of all, sells local Maple Syrup.  No, not the fake kind sold in stores - the REAL kind.  This is usually where I get my syrup from and it was worth the trip out.  We ate lunch there, looked around, got some syrup and then went back home.  After dinner, we went to a park that's really close to my parents' house.  Reese spent time climbing and sliding. :)  Jet had a great time, too (he tried to stand up on the equipment)! :)  Right before we went home Reese had races with Mimi, Pappy and Daddy. :)

Thursday:  This was our last day with my parents (they left for IN on Friday).  We spent it just visiting and then my brother and his girlfriend came over the afternoon/evening.  We again played some bocce ball and Reese loved climbing all over Uncle Zac!  She also couldn't get enough of Miss Allison. :)  Jet, of course, was his usual happy self. :)  It was a great last day with my parents.

Friday:  Frank and I decided to stay one more day (I have to admit that I wasn't really looking forward to making the trip back home.) and I'm glad we did.  We went to breakfast at Seven Springs with my grandmother and aunt that morning.  We hung around a little bit afterwards and ended up playing some games down in the arcade room.  The nice lady who was working down there actually ended up giving us tickets . . . she fixed a couple of games and they ended up having tickets.  All in all, we ended up with 1400 tickets.  Reese picked out an ice cream pillow, 3 bouncy balls, a frog, 5 stickers, a balloon and a monkey for Jet.  It was a fun morning! :)
That afternoon we all took naps :) and then spent the afternoon playing.  Aunt Betty and Grandma came over that evening to eat dinner with us and visit some more.  It was a nice end to the day. :)

So that was our vacation to PA!  I am so thankful that we were able to spend so much time with my family.  I hate being so far away from them, but I am grateful for every visit I get with them!  And this was a great trip!! :)  Thank you for taking the time to read about it!  Knowing me, I probably won't blog again until the baby arrives! :)  Until then . . . :)

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