Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Fun

This past week I was able to attend Marcail's very first Christmas program (working at the school where she attends definitely helps with this!)!!  It was a cute program where the kids sang a few short songs and wished everyone a Merry Christmas!  Then Marcail was able to lead the blessing and parents were able to stay after for cookies and punch.  Jonathan and Gabe made it down to see her program as well.  I know she was very excited to have Daddy and Gabe there!=)  I feel very blessed to be included in so many of her activities!  She is definitely my buddy!=)
Yesterday, Frank and I were able to have Marcail spend the night with us (we try to do this once a month, but unfortunately we allow life to get in the way and are not always able to do this).  We had lunch with the Hicks' and then afterwards Marcail left with us to do a little Christmas shopping  (and when I say a little, I mean a little - the place was packed!!).  Our first stop was Barnes and Noble where we happened to arrive just in time for a story telling.  Marcail sat right down and listened very well to the story (the story read was The Polar Express - Great book!!).  She was even able to hold up the Santa and say, "The first gift of Christmas!". =)  She was loving it!!  After the story was over, she was given a candy cane and a cookie on a stick (she had also gotten a bell to ring for the story) - of course, the candy cane was the first to be eaten.=)  So after this nice break from the shopping frenzy - =) - we headed over to Old Navy where Marcail was ever so helpful in picking out a Christmas present for her cousin Arlington (although we ended up not getting her present there).=)  Afterwards we headed home for a short rest.  
Once we were done resting, we headed out to WalMart to get our sugar cookie dough, icing and wrapping paper.  Marcail and I were deciding together what kind of wrapping paper we should get and I have to say that she did pick up some really cute wrapping paper.  It was funny, though, because we were still looking around the section when we found other wrapping paper that was a little cheaper (and just as nice).  So I tried to talk Marcail into buying 2 rolls of wrapping paper for the same price as the 1, but I was out of luck.  She kept telling me that the one she had was much nicer.  When I asked her why we couldn't put the other one back, she said, "This one's my boy." =)  Cute.=)  Frank was there at that time as well and we couldn't stop smiling at each other over that one.  We decided the price wasn't that different (it really wasn't) and it wasn't worth the agony of separating Marcail from "her boy".=)  So we got Marcail's choice.=)
When we got home, Marcail and I got busy making our Christmas cookies.  We rolled out the sugar cookie dough (I usually refuse to make store bought cookies -if you know me, you'll understand - but I have to admit that this is a life saver when making sugar cookies with kids!!) and started punching out shapes. The bear seemed to be Marcail's favorite.  That and spreading flour out on the dough.=)  After we got the cookies made, we ate dinner to allow time for the cookies to cool.  Then it was icing time!!  Marcail helped pick the colors we made and we each got to lick a spoon (even Frank joined in!) and decorate our own cookie.  Marcail ended up wearing some of hers on her face, but I think she had fun in the process.=)  We ended up making cookies for Mommy and Daddy and for her teachers at school.  We ended the night by reading an interactive nativity story together (the title of the book is called What God Wants For Christmas - I love it!  I use it every year with the students in my class.  7 children get a box and as the story goes along you open up the box and put that piece in the place where it belongs in the nativity).  It was a lot of fun - oh, we did end up watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 3, yes, 3, times, too.  That part. . not so much fun.=)  
It was a great time spent with Marcail!  Frank and I are realistic and realize that we will not always be this close to my sister and her family so we love taking advantage of spending time with them and their children.  They have a very precious family and we are thankful to be so close to them for however long the Lord allows.
Please enjoy the pictures below!!


In His Image Photos said...

Sounds like you had a ton of fun!! And, I'm sure that Carrie and Jonathan enjoyed a reduced number in the household for the night also!

Carrie said...

We're so glad that you all had such a good time together! Marcail really loves you guys! As do we!

Jenn said...

So Sweet!

PletcherFamily said...

You are going to be such a great mommy!