Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Celebration and A Visit to the Fair

This past weekend was quite busy for us!  Our nephew had his 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, my aunt, sister and brother-in-law came to town for the occasion and we all attended the Northeast Florida Fair.  It was great getting out and about this weekend!
The original plan was for us all (my sister and her family, my other sister and her husband, my aunt and our family) to go down to Universal Studios for my nephew's birthday, but after much conversation (and some pregnant lady limitations) we decided on Chuck E. Cheese instead.  And I have to day, I'm glad we did.  They honestly did a great job putting together a birthday party for my nephew!  He got balloons, a crown, a medallion, free tokens, a trip to the ticket blaster (which his daddy did for him), pizza, cake, pinata, a cup and Chuck E. Cheese himself came out to hang with the birthday boy for a while. :)  I have to say I was pretty impressed! :)  The other kids got a goody bag, a cup and a balloon, plus tokens for the games.  Reese seemed to enjoy herself for the most part - although we had a complete meltdown when Chuck E. Cheese came out.  She literally tried to climb me to get as far away from him as possible.  She's so funny about certain things . . .apparently grown men/women dressed up in a mouse costume freaks her out. :)  Anyway, other than that, we had a great time!  Jet enjoyed it, too, except that he wasn't allowed to get down and crawl around.  That boy does not like being tied down!! :)  All in all it was a great celebration (sadly, I have no pictures to go with this!)

On Sunday we made our annual trip to the Northeast Florida Fair! :)  Again, it was lots of fun and we had great weather for it!  Reese wasn't up for riding any rides and she walked around with her fingers in her ears saying it was "too loud". :)  Seriously, this girl gets another year and then Mommy is going to be "strongly" persuading her to ride some rides and loosen up. :)  Reese did enjoy the food, though, and knew what she wanted (cotton candy).  Oh! She did get her face painted and really liked seeing the animals (cows, horses, pigs and goats)!  Again, Jet did fairly well, but started getting frustrated with having to stay in his stroller the whole time (I keep telling him that if he would just start walking it would solve all of his problems!)! :)  He, too, enjoyed the food! :)  It was a nice time of being with my family. :)

Thankfully, we got one more day with Aunt Betty, Jess and Tom before they had to fly back home!  Monday was spent just visiting and enjoying the nice weather outside!  The kids made a mess of themselves with sidewalk chalk, bubbles and playing basketball. :) 

It was a great weekend!!! :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jet's Birthday x 3

I've been meaning to post about Jet's birthday for a little while now, but my exhaustion/forgetfulness due to this pregnancy has caused some laziness. :)  Better late then never, though, right? :)
Anyway . . . Jet lucked out for his first birthday and got to celebrate it not once, not twice, but three times! :)  Be prepared for lots of pictures!! :)

The first time we celebrated Jet's birthday it was with Frank's family.  We had a good time spending time with each other and eating some really yummy food! :)  It was great getting to watch Jet dig into his first birthday cake - he was unsure at first and then once he figured it out (with the help of his cousin Jake) . . . he went to town. :)

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His second celebration was a bit quieter and smaller.  On his actual birthday, I made him a breakfast of a waffle with syrup and his first sippy cup full of whole milk.  He took to the milk very well and of course, he loved the food! :)  We spent the day just playing and having a good time.  I made him a turtle cup cake for the evening. :)  When Frank got home from work we had a nice dinner of pizza and breadsticks, then sang Happy Birthday to Jet (with Reese and Daddy blowing out the candle) and he had a cupcake. :)  It was a good day! :)

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Jet's 3rd and final celebration was on Sept. 30th.  My sister and her family came over after church to help celebrate.  We grilled out, the kids played outside on the swing set and in the water table, we opened up gifts and ate some yummy cake! :)  It was really a fun day! :)

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So that was Jet's birthday!  I can't believe he's one already!!!  He's not walking yet, but he is taking steps and getting closer each day!  What a blessing he's been to us and continues to be - kids keep you busy, but they are worth every second!! :)  Happy 1st Birthday, Jet!! :)  We love you!!

P.S. I'm sorry for the links to the slideshows.  For some reason, Photobucket has not been allowing me to post the slideshow to the actual blog this time. :(  Thanks for still reading! :)